What does unesco do for culture ?

Image What does unesco do for culture ?

Culture is what makes the originality, identity and personality of each country, each population and each person. It is an important pillar for peace because it is an asset of diversity which characterizes a country. Through its culture, a country opens up to the world in a positive way and thus improves its international relations.

With culture as well, countries have something in common and appreciate their differences. This is the reason why organizations like UNESCO and the Prem Rawat Foundation protect culture around the world, culture being an important point for peace, the peace that every citizen including Prem Rawat fights for every day.

UNESCO protects and promotes culture for peace

Culture is an element of peace that brings together people of all ages, of all social status and of all origins. When it comes to culture, there are no barriers or borders. Art projects, for example, bring together people from all walks of life. And it is one of the main roles of UNESCO to ensure that culture is a vehicle of peace in the world. Through culture, it is easier to transmit to the world values of peace such as tolerance, for example. Culture also promotes openness.

Through culture, people can learn more about the history of one country, appreciate the diversity of the other, but above all open up to those around them. Through culture, a person has a sense of belonging and inclusion in a group, which will both contribute to their well-being and to their development.

UNESCO promotes culture for well-being

UNESCO is also responsible for promoting culture as a means of well-being for the population. Through culture, in fact, both physical and mental health is improved. For example, in countries like Canada or the United Kingdom, culture is a way to heal and prevent health issues. The arts indeed have a positive effect on health, particularly on mental and emotional health.

In children, for example, it develops creativity and imagination. In the elderly, art is a great way to fight depression and dementia. From a social health point of view too, art and culture in general prevent isolation. The artists understand each other and share a connection that will allow everyone to recognize each other. Thus, art becomes a means to nourish the soul and mental health.

UNESCO promotes culture for social cohesion

UNESCO also has the role of promoting culture as a link for local communities for an international point of view. In fact, culture is an area that brings people together. Through culture fairs, concerts, museums or festivals, culture brings together several people from all over the world who celebrate the diversity and beauty of culture.

It is for this purpose that UNESCO supports cultural movements around the world. By multiplying its movements, UNESCO seeks for the ultimate goal of promoting the diversity of culture as a means of getting closer, to exchange and to share. Culture is the rare domain where there is neither good nor bad, everyone is included in his ideals, where everyone understands the other and is understood by others.